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Re: [avr-gcc-list] array of string pointers in progmem

From: Peter N Lewis
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] array of string pointers in progmem
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 11:45:51 +0800

At 23:40 -0700 28/4/02, xol wrote:
I want to do following
Create array of pointers to strings in program memory. Strings also must be in program memory.

I try following:
PGM_P str_table[] PROGMEM = { "ERROR", "OK" };

I get

00000026 <str_table>:
  26:   61 00 67 00

Contents of section .data:
 800060 01455252 4f52004f 4b00               .ERROR.OK.

Compiler put pointers to prog memory but I can't make him to put string there.

The only solution I found is this one from <http://ww2.tiki.ne.jp/~maro/AVR/old/tips.html>:

I wish to put an array of strings into progmem. The only solution I found is
PROGMEM char pcStandard[] = "Standard";
PROGMEM char pcClass[] = "Class";
PROGMEM char pcVendor[] = "Vendor";
PROGMEM char pcReserved[] = "Reserved";
{pcStandard, pcClass, pcVendor, pcReserved };

It would seem that the PROGMEM attribute applies only to the *variable* being defined. So in your example, the variable str_table points into progmem. But the contents of that variable in progmem are string pointers which point in to RAM.

In order for those strings to be placed in progmem, it appears there has to be an associated variable with the PROGMEM attribute.

Perhaps someone has an alternative idea?
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