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FW: [avr-gcc-list] Mega128 Fuse Bit setting and uisp

From: Heinrich Vermeulen
Subject: FW: [avr-gcc-list] Mega128 Fuse Bit setting and uisp
Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 09:06:46 +0200

Yes, uisp can program the bits.
When you use 'uisp -dprog=stk200 -v=3 --terminal' you go into the
programming terminal mode.
Type 'ss fuse' to go into the fuse section.
Then type 'du 0' to see the fuse bits.  The following will be displayed:
'Read fuse/cal/lock byte 0 = 0xE1       ---->low byte
Read fuse/cal/lock byte 1 = 0x99        ---->high byte
Read fuse/cal/lock byte 2 = 0xA0    ---->can't change it
Read fuse/cal/lock byte 3 = 0xFF        ---->can't change it
Read fuse/cal/lock byte 4 = 0xFD'       ---->extended fuse byte
NOTE - see pg.279 of the datasheet of the M128 for more details on the bit
values and defaults.

To change one of these, just type e.g. 'wr 0 12' to write the value 12(hex)
to byte 0.

Heinrich Vermeulen

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From: Dale Seaburg [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 04 May 2002 08:29
To: address@hidden
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Mega128 Fuse Bit setting and uisp

I've exhausted my search for how to program the fuse bits on a '128.

I'm using the latest avr-gcc compiler (3.0.4) and uisp (patched for the 
'128) software.

I'm using an STK300 board.  I don't have an STK500, nor do I want to 
invest in one right now.

I can d/l my program to the '128, and it runs, but with the default fuse 
bit settings the internal 1mhz oscillator is selected.  Bummer.

In the uisp helps under the --section part, there are 3 sections: prog, 
eeprom and fuse.  How do I build (software program) the fuse section?

I assumed that there might be something in the avr/include directory, 
but grep returns nothing related to "fuse".

I attempted to use the latest Atmel Studio(4) under Win98, but it 
appears to not recognize the STK300 dongle.  Bummer!  Perhaps I'm 
missing something here.

So, I'm stuck, so far.

Can/would anyone point me in the right direction?  Can uisp program the 
'128 fuse bits (bytes)?  If so, how do I set up that section?  I want to 
do this under Linux.


Dale Seaburg

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