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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Linker Scripts

From: Andreas Mahr
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Linker Scripts
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 09:34:00 +0200
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Marek Michalkiewicz wrote:

avr-gcc --version
avr-gcc (GCC) 3.1.1 20020610 (prerelease)

avr-libc 20020612 version

avr-gcc --version
avr-gcc (GCC) 3.2 20020609 (experimental)

Next version of avr-libc will check GCC version - if too old, there will
be an error message telling the user to read doc/INSTALL, which says:

Ok, this is for the Compiler, but the Compiler doesn't care about the location of the RAM, so the Linker has to do the Job.

So I do not understand what it has to do with the Compiler or libc???
The Program do work also with my Compiler and the modified Linker Scripts.

Or is the 3.2 Compiler able to modify the Adress Range of RAM at compile Time???


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