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[avr-gcc-list] Re: jtagice and avarice not work

From: Klaus Rudolph
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Re: jtagice and avarice not work
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 19:33:02 +0200

Hi Theodore,

> That's what I use. I have patched it a bit, but my patches don't affect
> the functionality logic.

Whats your patches for?

> I have now idea what the firmware in the stk500 or jtagice is. I did have
> problems with my setup at home. It didn't work until I hooked the jtagice
> up to my girlfriend's windoze box using avr-studio 3.5x to update the
> firmware. My setup at work, just worked out of the box.

Thats realy a long time ago... :-(

> I haven't forgotten about your patch. I need some time to test it with my
> boards and see if it breaks things with the old firmware.

My patch must break things, because there are no switches inside for
different firmware versions and some things 
are absolutly different (universal command for ex.)
But there should be no problem to switch with the 
firmwareversion. But this work must be done... 
I could do that for the actual firmware, but i have no
old firmware board here so testing the backward compatibility 
must do someone else.

> :) avarice seems also not able to run.
> :)
> :) simulavr works, but have no EE & port and
> :) peripherals simulation
> :)
> :) avrmon is also broken with actual gdb.
> :)
> :) Is there any way to come to work again?
> Well, with the few people that are working on all these tools, it's going
> to be slow. Plus, dealing with proprietary interfaces (which seem to
> change regularly) makes things difficult too. Keep sending bug reports and
> patches and things will hopefully improve. If things work for me and I
> don't hear about problems for others, I can't do anything about it.

You are absolutly right. The biggest problem is atmel. I stay here
for two weeks without doing one line of productional code.
I pay lots of money for the boards and nothing works and 
they told me, they will never give us a chance. "Please use our nice
windows f...". For stk500 we hear again and again: "You will
get the codes with final release of firmware" Final in
sw-development means after end of usage the avr series. :-( In hope
there will come up a
other 8bit or 16 bit with same price :-) series. I switch as fast as
possible. The only reason for me to use atmel is the availability of
gcc. Nothing else! 

So please atmel. Give the open source a chance! We buy your products!
We want no additional work. We only want a bit of support which means
a bit information, only a bit!

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