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Re: [avr-gcc-list] avr-gcc credibility

From: Marlin Unruh
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] avr-gcc credibility
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 06:52:15 -0600

Rich,  ..... and the others who have responded.

I agree with you. This is really an excellent forum.

I have been compiling information in support for GCC, mainly from
testimonies like yours. I appreciate it when the responses are
straight forward, and don't just slam the others. This tends to build
confidants if there is a list of the pro's and con's. This shows being
open minded.

Like they say, "the fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion."

I would like to thank those on this list for the professional manner,
and atmosphere.


P.S. Late last night, late for me anyway, I fired off the wrong thing. Here
what I intended.
At 10:41 PM 7/31/2002 -0500, you wrote:
Wasn't it 29-July-2002, at 02:31PM, when Marlin Unruh said:
> I have a business partner that thinks we need to purchase our compiler. He
> thinks because avr-gcc is free it must therefore be inferior, or as he puts
> it "non standard". How can I convince him it's not?

No compiler is "standard" (I'm assuming he's not talking about language
standards.) If he's looking for a popular compiler though, GCC is very
popular since it has been ported to many processors and platforms. I've
used GCC, for instance, to build applications for i386-FreeBSD,
i386-NetBSD, m68k-PalmOS, AVR, PowerPC-VxWorks, and i386-Linux machines.

> I realize feelings, and opinions could run deep on this subject, so all I
> would like is some facts, or convincing arguments for arv-gcc...... Just a
> few solid points will do.

Actually, your partner's "facts" are really just his opinions.

> I'm not a compiler guru, but I am impressed with gcc-avr. I've been using
> it for over a year. You don't need to convince me.

If you are the primary developer and have used the compiler for a year and
you feel, with your experience, that AVR-GCC can do the job, what other
reason does he need? Buying a commercial compiler would require you to
familiarize yourself with the new tools which would make you less
efficient. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of a compiler takes time.

Also, what commercial compiler can respond to bug fixes as fast as Marek
does? What commercial compiler has a forum, like this one, where people are
polite and quick to help out?

The only thing I can't comment on is how well GDB helps in debugging an AVR
application. From what I've read on this list, it shouldn't be a problem,
but I have no direct experience with it.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

 Rich Neswold

 efax: 1.240.536.7092
  web: home.earthlink.net/~rneswold

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