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Re: [avr-gcc-list] JTAGICE software upgrade impossible

From: Klaus Rudolph
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] JTAGICE software upgrade impossible
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 20:56:36 +0200

Hi, I have updated my jtag ice with actual software from avr studio 4.02
a few minutes ago. All things were without problems. Detected old SW,
ask for update, press program flash, erase, upload, verify, ok. 
So I canĀ“t help you here. My software version is now
0x73/0x00. Maybe your bootloader was killed? 

Good luck

> Patrizio Zelotti wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using JTAGICE with ATMEGA128 and AVRSTUDIO 3.53 on WIN98 system.
> It works but if I try to install AVR studio 3.54 or 3.55 or version
> 4.02, AVRSTUDIO ask to upgrade the JTAGICE firmware and it fails with
> the message "No supported board found!. AVRPROG version 1.33" (or
> version 1.37).
> Consider that I can debug software and program the ATMEGA128 without
> problems.
> When I call JTAG ICE to program the software on target board, the
> following message appear in the bottom window :
> Detecting.. JTAG ICE found on COM1:
> Getting revisions.. HW: 0xc0, SW Major: 0x67, SW Minor: 0x00 .. OK
> I tryed to follow the instruction reported on DN011 from avrfreaks,
> but the problem is still present (upgrade impossible).
> In AVR studio 3.53, in JTAGICE directory, the file upgrade.hex
> in INTEL standard format was present, and using STK500 and cable is
> (in theory) possible to upgrade the JTAGICE using the ISP interface
> present of JTAGICE.
> But version 3.54, 3.55 and 4.02 have a binary file (upgrade.ubn if I
> remember correctly), probably handled directly by AVRPROG.
> Maybe this file can be converted in HEX format ?
> How can I upgrade JTAGICE firmware ?
> Can I upgrade software in a different way ?
> I already posted the problem to address@hidden but I didn't have reply.
> Thanks
> Patrizio Zelotti
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