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[avr-gcc-list] movin' up to Linux

From: Marlin Unruh
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] movin' up to Linux
Date: 02 Nov 2002 11:30:56 -0700


I have been using avr-gcc under windows for the last 2 years.I have also
looked at Linux off and on for the last 3 years. Each year there is less
and less barriers to switching. I now want to switch to Linux. Linux has
really came a long ways, you hardly need to purchase any apps. One of
the deciding factors is OpenOffice being available under Windows and
Linux. I now can access the same vfat partition from either OS, so I can
work on the same office documents from either. I also have to deal with
a sister company that uses MS office, I can communicate with them thru
OpenOffice. Awesome. :)

The only real barrier left is the CAD programs that I need Windows to
run. :(

The real question(s):

How do I get started compiling under Linux gcc? 
        download binaries, and libraries? build? install? ( I need it spelled
out if possible, like 1,2,3 )

Is there an interface for the Atmel STK500 to work with Linux serial
port? What comm. package?

Is there a stable debugger, simulator?

Please bear with me. Point me to FAQs, HowTOs etc.

I know some are developing total MS free, I would like to move up too.

Thank You.

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