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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Elf - coff volatile

From: Jesper Hansen
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Elf - coff volatile
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 14:21:54 +0100

> That's right - but hte next release of AVRstudio 4 is supposed to have
> extended the coff support to even support structs in a decent manner.
> So the next step would be, as just mentioned on this list; that someone
> makes sure avr-gcc/binutils can produce coff in a decent manner.

I especially note the phrase "supposed to" !!

> AVRstudio 4 is based on MS's COM objects... The application is constructed
> so that 3rd parties are supposed to be able to make plugins for the GUI
> module for their own compilers. Then it will be up to the compiler makers to
> make this interface. This way, Atmel has "outsourced" the job they did
> half-way with Studio 3.x. Not a bad idea, if you ask me. From their point of
> view, anyway ;-)

No, it's a great idea. And one that has been heavily hyped since the 
of 4.0.  Again, I note "supposed to". They haven't outsourced anything, as
the problem is that it's completely undocumented, and therefore utter useless.
> Then the question becomes; who in the GNU will volunteer to develop this
> plug-in for AVRStudio with MS Visual Studio?

Once, I was so eager to do this, but after waiting almost a year for Atmel to 
release the promised documentation, I've totally lost interest.


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