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[avr-gcc-list] CDK4AVR -- anounce new AVR Cross Development Kit

From: Stephan Linz
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] CDK4AVR -- anounce new AVR Cross Development Kit
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 21:07:19 +0100
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Hi all,

some days ago I have had already send this message to avr-gcc-list, but it seem it was lost enywhere. So I send it twice. Sorry if enybody is receiving twice.

Note: Now I have packed the message into attachment. See ascii file 20021117-2206

Best regards
Stephan Linz

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Hi all,

I'm pleased to present you an AVR Cross Development Kit called CDK4AVR.

CDK4AVR stands for Cross Development Kit for Atmels AVR RISC processor serie
and should you support with a comprehensive Assembler and C development
environment for even this processor familie under Linux or similar host
systems. It will present only free of fee tools, so you can use it without

CDK4AVR is the result of my AVR programing work under Linux. You will found
the project under Sourcforge.Net following this link:


The main concept of CDK4AVR is to collect all programs and development tools
in one directory (/opt/cdk4avr) and present an easy to admin installation.
My intention is to provide a full featured tool chain distribution of all
the free accessible resources, because the most stuff is scattered to the
wide of the hole Internet and only compileable by wizards or professions.
CDK4AVR will present an easy way to install, use and have access to the
latest stable / beta versions of assembler, compiler, linker, debugger and
misc board support programs like ISP programmer or ICE.

Currently this packages are available:

        GNU binutils
        GNU C/C++ compiler
        GNU debugger + simulator + ICE
        AVR Libc
        some mainly used (dis-)assembler: ava, avra, tavrasm, revava
        some mainly used ISP: uisp, cisp, avrprog, avrctrl-isp, picoweb-pppt
        AVR Studio 3.55

Yes, you read right - Atmels AVR Studio in version 3.55 will be run inside
of WINE, a nice Win32 API Layer for Unix. This CDK4AVR package is really new
and very untestet. I know about bugs (see Sourcforge.Net) but look forward
to solve the problem.

In future I plan to include more projects into CDK4AVR. Here my thinking

        additional ISP: ponyprog, avrp, avr1
        AVR Studio 4.x
        more documentations, especially about CDK4AVR self

The most packages are untestet. Some few packages will be unstable or
developer snapshot code. So I'm looking for (beta) test users. Please tell
me your experience with CDK4AVR. Further I try to be up to date with all the
package versions, but CDK4AVR is a leisure-time project and so I think my
update cycle will be 5 or 7 months, sorry :-(

The basicly needed BASE package cdk-avr-base will work only at Red Hat based
distributions (Red Hat, Mandrake, and I believe SuSe). For other
distributions you have to make shure, that the linked scripts cdk4avr.sh and
cdk4avr.csh in /etc/profile.d are involved in your user environment build
process at login. Here we set some very important environment variables.
Everybody how will add more distributions to the BASE package is wellcome.

All CDK4AVR packages are present as RPM only. So you need to install the
BASE package cdk-avr-base first. Then you can make your own choice of
package installation. Dependencies will be messaged by installation. Here an

        rmp -hiv cdk-avr-base-0.2-20021110.i386.rpm

        rpm -hiv cdk-avr-binutils-2.12-20020526.i386.rpm
        rpm -hiv cdk-avr-gcc-3.0.4-20020526.i386.rpm
        rpm -hiv cdk-avr-gcc-c++-3.0.4-20020526.i386.rpm
        rpm -hiv cdk-avr-gdb-5.2.1-20021111.i386.rpm
        rpm -hiv cdk-avr-simulavr-0.1.1-20021103.i386.rpm
        rpm -hiv cdk-avr-avarice-1.5-20021103.i386.rpm
        rpm -hiv cdk-avr-uisp-20020626-20021103.i386.rpm

This example installation would provide you with a complete GNU C/C++
developmnet environment under Linux hostet inside the directory

AVR Studio
Optional you can install Atmels AVR Studio, but be warned. This is an early
test package to run the plain Windows program under Linux/WINE. The good
results I have had last week cause me to include this package as soon as
possible into CDK4AVR. While the installation as root (!!!) with:

        rpm -hiv cdk-avr-avrstudio-3.55-20021116.i386.rpm

you will see the setup program of Atmels AVR Studio. Follow the windows with
all the defaults. At the end of rpm installation you have the new commands
avrstudio and avrasm32. Both are full featured like under Windows.

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