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[avr-gcc-list] Anyone using WinAVR with AVRStudio 4?

From: Sander Pool
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Anyone using WinAVR with AVRStudio 4?
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 23:47:58 -0800


thanks to the efforts of so many of you I now have a sweet avr-gcc setup on
my win32 system. I use Eric's WinAVR distribution and wanted to use objcopy
to produce .cof files for debugging in AVRStudio 4. The .cof file loads fine
but when I try to put breakpoints on certain lines it won't let me. This
seems to be related to conditional compilations such as in this signal

SIGNAL(SIG_OVERFLOW0)            /* signal handler for tcnt0 overflow interrupt 
        if (splitter < 20) { // this slows things down a little
        splitter = 0;
#ifdef DO_SMOOTH
        angle+= increm;

        if (angle >= MAXVAL)
                increm = -1;
        if (angle <= MINVAL)
                increm = 1;
        if (angle == MAXVAL)
                angle = MINVAL;
        else {
                if (angle == MINVAL)
                        angle = MAXVAL;
#ifdef __AVR_ATmega128__
        outp(angle, OCR3AH);
        outp(angle, OCR1AL);

        outp(0,   TCNT0);                /* reset TCNT0 */

When I try to put a breakpoint on the outp(angle, OCR3AH); line it fails. I
can put breakpoints on other lines but it only seems possible if more than
one line of code got compiled.

In a related question, when I break somewhere and watch the value of a
variable it tells me it's not in scope even though it's been declared a

Has anyone else run into these problems?



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