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Re: [avr-gcc-list] refactoring to reduce code size

From: Alex Shepherd
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] refactoring to reduce code size
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 12:09:44 +1300

Thanks to those who posted suggestions, here is a composite reply:

Eric wrote:
> Along with the other suggestions posted, I would also suggest you
> take a hard look at any switch statements and the assembly it
> produces. AFAIU, it depends on how many cases you have in the swtich
> how GCC will implement it. Sometimes it may be optimal, other times
> not.
> If the cases are sequential values, it *might* be more prudent to
> implement it as a table. Other times, if there are not many cases, a
> simple if-elseif structure will be more efficient on space. You'll
> probably have to experiment with the C code and see what assembly it
> produces.

I have avoided using switch statments for that very reason because I read
somewhere that they can bloat the code with jump tables and have coded "if,
else if, else" sequences.

Yann Ramin Wrote:
> Some simple things to check for:
> I assume you're using -Os?


> Use char for most number types, int and especially long is
> expensive ram and codewise.

I am using uint8 or unsigned char where possible and have a few unsigned
shorts as well, no longs yet.

> Are you using any libraries?

I am using a few C library functions but explicitly not using malloc or
printf family, they burn too much FLASH!

> Avoid dealing with floating point numbers.

Not using floats.

J"org Wunsch wrote:
> I always wonder why people are so keen to get all these list
> files. ;-) I think they are pretty useless.
> avr-nm --size-sort -S <ELF file name>
> is your friend.

I would agree about list files - they are a real mess, but that is all I
knew about until your suggestion.

I will try avr-nm

Volkmar Dierkes wrote:
> Try a look at avr-sizex. This tool provides you an option to
> list the n biggest functions. Maybe this helps you to get a
> faster overview. You find this tool on the avrfreaks web site:
> http://www.avrfreaks.com/phorum/download.php?f=2&file=avr-sizex-03.zip
> As I remember, if you look at the % of used flash, it uses
> the application flash with biggest bootloader section. To get
> it to the whole flash range, you have to set the desired option.

I will try this also.

Hopefully between avr-nm and avr-sizex I will locate some good places to
start refactoring!


Alex Shepherd

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