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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Installing avr-libc docs (was Re: Manuals links broke

From: Russell Shaw
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Installing avr-libc docs (was Re: Manuals links broken)
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 22:02:06 +1000
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Joerg Wunsch wrote:
Russell Shaw <address@hidden> wrote:

From what i could see in
avr-libc-20030324cvs/build/doc/api/Makefile, the docs should be
installed in /usr/local/share/doc/avr-libc, but there's nothing
there or anywhere else.

By default ${PREFIX}/share/doc/avr-libc-${VERSION}, the -${VERSION}
will be omitted if you configure it with --disable-versioned-doc.

But i tried: ./doconf --enable-versioned-doc

Also, avr-libc-20030324cvs/build/doc/api/ doesn't have much in there,
indicating the docs didn't get built.

That probably means your build environment misses the required tools,
in particular it might miss doxygen.

But i'm missing nothing.

Shall i post the output? There's a few hundred lines...

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