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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Winavr and PN2

From: E. Weddington
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Winavr and PN2
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 09:30:45 -0600

On 9 Apr 2003 at 9:44, Loc Mai wrote:

> > On 8 Apr 2003 at 14:49, Loc Mai wrote:
> >
> > > Thanks Volkmar,
> > > It works finally.
> > > 1.  It means the instruction in WINAVR working with studio 3.x
> > > should be corrected for project target all.
> >
> > As the GCCTEST examples are out-of-date anyway, corrections that are
> > specifically for these examples will not be made.
> ---------
> > Besides, it's much easier if you use the included Programmers
> > Notepad 2 in the WinAVR 20030312 release, instead of building in AVR
> > Studio version 3.
>  Hi Eric,
> I am confused this.
> 1. It means I don't have to build project all in AVR studio ?

That's correct.

> 2. When run winavr\pn\pn.exe, after openning a file, on the top row
> menu there are 6 tabs.  Every tab has the same symbol characters which
> can not be read (even though in the sub menu).

I'm not sure what you mean on this.

 3. If I use pn.exe, how
> can I run make.exe ? I think I don't have go to DOS base then use
> command line ? while I just click [build] in project all in
> AVR-studio,  how convenient it is to users. Any way, thanks for your
> advise.

If you use Programmers Notepad 2.03, which comes with the 20030312 
release of WinAVR, you can setup Tools that call any command-line 
program (such as make) and it will capture the output of the program.

Here is a good link (from Kai Klenovsek) that shows graphically how 
to set up PN2 with make and makefile:

PN 2.03 does not have the capability to click on error / warning 
messages and go to the file / line, yet. It is planned to have this 
feature in the next release (2.04).

The nice thing about using PN2 versus AVR Studio 3 (AS3), is that on 
PN2 you don't need to use the gcc*.bat files that come with WinAVR. 
PN2 can successfully capture the output if you're using Win NT/2K/XP. 
AS3 has a difficult time doing this on these platforms and this is 
why those batch files are needed for AS3.


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