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Re: [avr-gcc-list] avrstudio and avr-gcc

From: Ömer Sinan KAYA
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] avrstudio and avr-gcc
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 18:46:16 +0300

I'd like to test my app with the latest version of binutils and i've done
the following steps to build binutils . (Couldn't find the steps you
referred to in your latest mail).

1) I've downloaded and installed latest version of the cygwin
my gcc version is :

$ gcc --version
gcc (GCC) 3.2 20020927 (prerelease)

2) i 've downloaded the source files except binutils at
3) i 've downloaded binutils snapshot from redhat site , the version is GNU
objcopy 030511 20030511.
4) i've issued "configure --target=avr" for building binutils and installed
using make install.
5) installed other source files from savannah site using same configure

After installing all files , i 've retested my application . Here are the
changes i've seen

1)"make coff" command produces the following output which is different from
the previous version.

E:\windows_home\atmelxml>make coff
objtool loadelf main.elf mapfile main.map writecof main.cof
    535 [main] sh 1600 proc_subproc: Couldn't duplicate my handle<0x34> for
2293760, Win32 error 6
WARNING: 'readpos' has no address in mapfile.
WARNING - symbol 'a' could not be resolved to a type - using VOID.
-------- end --------

2) using the coff file produced , atmel studio no longer crashes if i want
to see the values of a struct pointer.
3) the problem in my previous mail hasnt changed. I use the following
function to inspect the blocksize value. Reader is a struct pointer and

BufferedIStream_Init(parser->reader, 512);

is used to initialize values. I can post the application if you are
interested , it'll be released on a web site in the near future.

 memset(reader, 0, sizeof(BUFFEREDISTREAM));
 r->blocksize = blocksize;
 r->maxbufsize = BIS_DEFAULT_MAXBUFSIZE;
 return reader;

I dont know what else could i do to help.
best regards,

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