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[avr-gcc-list] Beta test for GNU binutils ELF->COFF converter

From: Patrizio Zelotti
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Beta test for GNU binutils ELF->COFF converter
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 09:45:55 +0200

first, I would like to thanks Joerg Wunsch for his patch to include elf to coff in the avr toolset (avrgcc).
I'm using WinAVR 2030312 release with the elfcoff patch.
I had a problem with the Avr Studio 3.53 (AS3) with the coff file done with avr-objdump: AS3 failed to load and give the error message "Unable to open source file" and "Error in Coff file !".
Using AVR Studio 4 the coff file is loaded, but in the Project, source tabs the name <build-in> appear as a source file name.
Others had the same problem.
After some tests, Joerg found the problem : this is his reply in the AVRfreaks.net forum. If other people have the same problem, they can
solve the problem following the instruction of Joerg.

Joerg Wunsch wrote:
>I have an idea why that happens... It comes from one
>of the library modules. While Eric already strips the
>debugging symbols from most of them, it looks like he
>forgot to strip them from libgcc.a. Please try to
>find all copies of libgcc.a on your machine. There
>should be four of them total, one in a certain directory
>i do not know, and then there'll be subdirs named
>avr3 through avr5 which each have a copy of libgcc.a
>as well.
>Run avr-strip -g libgcc.a on each of them. Then
>re-link your application, and see whether this helps.
>If we know that this helps, it should not be too
>difficult for Eric to also strip -g them in the default
>WinAVR installation.
Patrizio Zelotti

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