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[avr-gcc-list] Long awaited autoconf/automake example

From: Nick Downing
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Long awaited autoconf/automake example
Date: 12 Jun 2003 21:23:22 +1000

dear List

Yay, yay, yippee, hooray, after an evening of intensive debugging I am
ready to present a "first cut" of an AVR program which is portable to
Linux.  There's still a few rough edges, eg. a few warnings during the
"configure" stage that I am planning to work on some more.  In the mean
time I would appreciate everyone's comments.  The brief documentation:

1.  It's a "hello, world" program which has been gettextized, and it
supports one extra language (test this by running "LANGUAGE=nl hello").

2.  When compiling for an AVR target you have to give "--disable-nls" to
prevent it trying to compile "libintl" for the AVR (this doesn't work).

3.  When compiling for the default target (your Linux / Windows PC), you
give the commands "configure ; make" then, as root, "make install".

4.  When compiling for the default target, the installed files are:


5.  When compiling for the AVR, you have a choice of MCUs.  At present
the choice is restricted to "at90s4433" or "at90s8535".  The default is
"at90s4433".  The command lines I used for testing the package were:

configure --host=avr --with-mcu=at90s8535 --disable-nls

6.  When compiling for the AVR target, the installed files are:


OK!  Good luck!  I nearly forgot to mention, the package is here:

I would appreciate everyone's comments.  For my own needs I plan to make
the UART baudrate, and the AVR clock frequency, controllable via --with
switches to configure.  (I know --with is supposed to be for packages,
but --enable-baud-rate just doesn't sound right).  Any other good ideas?


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