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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Problem reading from EEPROM

From: Arthur Goldhammer
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Problem reading from EEPROM
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 14:47:48 -0400

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Dave Petrizze" <address@hidden>
To: "Arthur Goldhammer" <address@hidden>
Sent: Monday, July 14, 2003 2:35 PM
Subject: RE: [avr-gcc-list] Problem reading from EEPROM

> The only other thing that I can think of is that the value of 'val1' is
> correct but is pointing to some other location in the EEPROM, hence the
> return value.  From your code example, it looks like the address for these
> two vars would be 0x00 and 0x01.  Have you tried explicitly specifying the
> address to see if that make a difference?  Also, have you checked to be
> eeprom_is_ready() returns true?

Yes, I tried specifying the address explicitly as 0x00 and 0x01. I also
examined the assembly listing; these are the values being generated by the
compiler. I didn't check "eeprom_is_ready," but that is included in the code
for eeprom_read_byte:

000005bc <eeprom_read_byte>:
 5bc: e1 99        sbic 0x1c, 1 ; 28
 5be: fe cf        rjmp .-4       ; 0x5bc
 5c0: 9f bb        out 0x1f, r25 ; 31
 5c2: 8e bb        out 0x1e, r24 ; 30
 5c4: e0 9a        sbi 0x1c, 0 ; 28
 5c6: 99 27        eor r25, r25
 5c8: 8d b3        in r24, 0x1d ; 29
 5ca: 08 95        ret

The first two lines of this subroutine wait until the eeprom is ready. Do I
have to specify any options to the compiler or linker to use the EEPROM?
I've done a fair amount of AVR programming but never used the EEPROM before.


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