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[avr-gcc-list] Which tools?

From: Brian Korsedal
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Which tools?
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 07:57:54 -0700

Is there a difference between the tools located at:

    * avr-binutils-
    * avr-gcc-c++-
    * avr-gcc-
    * avr-libc-docs-20030512cvs-1.i386.rpm
    * avr-libc-20030512cvs-1.i386.rpm

and at:

        address@hidden rpm -hiv cdk-avr-base-0.2-20021110.i386.rpm
        address@hidden rpm -hiv cdk-avr-binutils-
        address@hidden rpm -hiv cdk-avr-gcc-3.3-20030531.i386.rpm
        address@hidden rpm -hiv cdk-avr-gcc-c++-3.3-20030531.i386.rpm
        address@hidden rpm -hiv cdk-avr-gcc-colorgcc-3.3-20030531.i386.rpm
        address@hidden rpm -hiv cdk-avr-libc-20030531cvs-20030531.i386.rpm
        address@hidden rpm -hiv cdk-avr-gdb-5.2.1-20021111.i386.rpm
        address@hidden rpm -hiv cdk-avr-simulavr-0.1.1-20021103.i386.rpm
        address@hidden rpm -hiv cdk-avr-avarice-1.5-20021103.i386.rpm
        address@hidden rpm -hiv cdk-avr-uisp-20030527cvs-20030601.i386.rpm


Other than the dates being different, are there differences such as obscure patches or something?  Which set of tools is better?


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