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Re: [avr-gcc-list] newlib?

From: E. Weddington
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] newlib?
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 17:47:07 GMT

> Has anyone ever used newlib for the avr?  Does anyone 
know if the ATmega128
> is supported and if so, how much work would it be to port 
code from avr-libc
> to newlib?
> Thanks,
> Brian
> P.S. here is the link:
> http://sources.redhat.com/newlib/

Have you seen what functionality avr-libc provides?
Why would you want to port from avr-libc to newlib?
What would newlib gain you that avr-libc is lacking?
Did you know that at least one of the members of the GCC 
Steering Committee acknowledges that avr-libc is the 
Standard C Library that goes with the AVR port of GCC?
Did you know that avr-libc (for that matter the whole open 
source AVR toolset) is known to work on 5 operating 
systems, including Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and Solaris and 
possibly working on Mac OSX?
Have you seen all the different targets that avr-libc 


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