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[avr-gcc-list] JTAG ICE Problem (Off Topic)

From: James Dabbs
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] JTAG ICE Problem (Off Topic)
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 15:07:03 -0400

This has turned out not to be a GDB problem, but I had a note ready to go..

I am having trouble with our JTAG ICE.  We are using it with our board,
based on a 16MHz ATMega169.  Basically, the ICE "looses touch" with the AVR.
When I break, if I look at registers or examine breakpoints, the application
code just continues running and all of the variables and registers shown in
the debugger appear as 0xFF.  The software runs *properly* in this state,
just without any connection to the debugger, which has to be restarted to
regain control.  This happens with an assembler project under AVRStudio
4.07.  If I move quickly, I can step through code, but as soon as I pause
for more than a couple of seconds, the application code starts running and
leaves the ICE behind.  The ICE connection has been verified, the voltage is
within 2% of 5V, and the oscillator is 16.0000MHz.  I believe this is either
an electrical problem with our board (although it is an infuriatingly simple
PCB) or possibly a problem with 16MHz parts.  Has any one had similar


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