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[avr-gcc-list] GCC-AVR Update (20082003)

From: Stephan Eisvogel
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] GCC-AVR Update (20082003)
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 05:22:09 +0200


I've  put  up  a new release of my gcc and avr-libc update. What's new
(to quote the README):

22.08.2003     [+]  gcc default include-path fixed
               [+]  coff-avr patch merged into binutils-2.14
               [+]  binaries compiled with gcc 3.3.1 for i686
               [+]  avr-gcc based off of latest mingw patches

First, I've fixed that Win32 relative path problem that was present in
the  old  release.  Now  avr-gcc  can  be  copied to any place on your
system,  set  PATH to include ./bin and ./avr/bin and it should simply
do it's thing. Larry can you verify this, too?

Second,  I've  integrated  the COFF-AVR patches into binutils but have
not gotten around to test them. So this feature is untested but should
not  affect  the normal binutils functionality (i.e. assembler, etc.).
Personally,  I  never  ever  had  to  use AVR-Studio with COFF kludges
because  avr-gcc's  overall code quality is so excellent that a simple
9600  bps  terminal  was  enough to help me complete a 16k project. Or
maybe I just got lucky.

Thirdly all binaries are now compiled for the i686 architecture (which
is  Pentium  Pro  and  later).  Is  anyone  developing  still on those
dog-slow   Pentiums?   I've  also  upgraded,  completed,  cleaned  and
stream-lined my mingw32 installation and in that process I switched to
gcc 3.3.1 as the bootstrap compiler.

And  last  not  least  the  gcc  sources were upgraded with some mingw
patches from mingw.org to get rid of various configure/make nasties.

In  case you are wondering what made the files' size jump up: I do not
strip  the  binaries  any  more  until I can confirm that this is safe
under mingw32.

I must say mingw32 is nice but it sure is a rebellious dog whenever it
decides.  Support  for  very basic compiler functionality is there but
helper packages for compiling complex stuff is rare.

Link to the package (one line):

Oh  yeah,  tried  to  get  avr-libc  1.0 up and running but my mingw32
autoconf/automake  is "too new" so the "configure" step already failed
on me. Didn't try very hard though, ran out of time.


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