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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Next version of winavr!!!

From: E. Weddington
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Next version of winavr!!!
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 15:40:10 GMT

> >From: Andreas Schwarz <address@hidden>
> [...]
> >
> >"Steven Chang-Lin Yu" <address@hidden> wrote:
> [...]
> > > Just some suggestion, for the next version:
> >
> > > 3.        A GUI or text based makefile generator (I am 
writing one for
> > > myself, if it is finish I will send to the mailing 
> >
> >3a. Throw away Volker Oth's makefile, replace it by a 
SIMPLE example
> >and/or a makefile generator.
> Ummm.
> I'm fairly new to the avr-gcc world, though I've been 
programming embedded 
> systems for over 15 years.  I first downloaded WinAVR a 
few months ago, and 
> was able to get everything running (i.e., an application 
I was porting to 
> WinAVR) within a day or so.
> If "Volker Oth's makefile" is the Makefile supplied with 
WinAVR, it would be 
> a great disservice to the user community to replace it 
with a "SIMPLE" 
> example.  I, for one, found it very clear and easy to 
understand and use.

Wait, wait, wait.

First off, for some reason I can't read Steven's email; it 
comes across as garbage so I don't know the whole thread.

The sample makefile that is in WinAVR has NOTHING to do 
with Volker Oth's makefile.

The latest makefile comes with the AVR COFF package, and it 
has a lot more comments in it, which should help.

And, I always say in the readme and elsewhere that this 
makefile is a SAMPLE ONLY! There is nothing "official" 
about it. If the makefile does not meet your needs, then 
feel free to write your own. This is why I also say to 
please read the make user manual, so a user can edit the 
sample makefile to their heart's content.

As to a makefile generator, my hopes are to include a 
Project Management feature into Programmers Notepad. Now, I 
realize that not everybody wants Programmers Notepad. 
That's fine; that's why there's choice in the world.

In talking with Simon Steele, the author of Programmers 
Notepad (PN), he will implement a GUI way of adding files 
to a "project", and provide a table that will have various 
compiler options and linker options that can be selected (a 
la a "property table" that you would see in Delphi or VB). 
Menu commands would be provided to allow you to Make or 
Build your project. This would launch a helper program that 
would take the set of files in the project, and the 
compiler and linker options, generate a makefile, and 
automatically launch make. These compiler options and 
linker options will be stored in an XML file.

Anybody interested in helping?


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