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[avr-gcc-list] Host Driver Support for Atmel USB Devices

From: Alex Shepherd
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Host Driver Support for Atmel USB Devices
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 08:28:03 +1200

Hi Guys,

I have been following the USB threads with interest. I have tried to
find out from the Atmel site what PC driver support software is provided
to interface to these devices but so far I have not found out much.
Having something like the FTDI Virtual COM port driver support would be
attractive as existing applications that know about using a RS232 COM
port will continue to work.

Can you guys suggest any URLs or is all this part of some dev kit you
have to buy? 

As I now have a laptop that only has USB ports so I would like to see a
USB AVRISP programmer emerge sometime - anyone got any plans? I have
been monitoring the IgorUSB project with the hope that this might be an
option some day.

I am interested in developing a USB interface to the digital model
railroad control system that I have. Currently I have a Mega8 design
that uses RS232 on the hardware uart and then uses the ICP to Rx bitbash
the LocoNet network interface and I Tx with another pin on the micro
through an open collector transistor. However with the increasing
popularity of USB only having RS232 means everyone has to go buy a
USB-RS232 dongle, which doubles the cost. 

Here is my board here:


Alex Shepherd

Phone  (Home) +64 (7) 854 0819
Email: address@hidden 

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