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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Integrating the Mega8 IgorUSB code with AVR-GCC

From: E. Weddington
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Integrating the Mega8 IgorUSB code with AVR-GCC
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 04:10:31 GMT

> Hi Guys,
> Igor has released the latest code that has the Mega8 
support etc on his
> site with English docs and comments in the code.
> I am wondering about the feasibility of making this code 
co-exist with
> other code written in AVR-GCC.
> Can any of you more knowledgeable guys comment on the 
likely feasibility
> of converting Igor's assembler code into some sort of 
library that could
> then be initialised from main() and provide call-backs to 
> received bytes etc.

>From what I can tell, here is the license of IgorPlug-USB 

                         License of IgorPlug-USB (AVR)

Copyright Ing. Igor Cesko 2002-2003

The program below refers to any version of IgorPlug-USB 
and any file that is a part of IgorPlug-USB (AVR), in any 

License terms:
1. You may use the full version of programm only on one 
   in the same time.
2. You may not sell the program.
3. You are not allow to redistribute IgorPlug-USB (AVR) 
without permission
   of Igor Cesko.
4. You may not modify the licenced and unpublished part of 
5. All published source codes are under GNU licence.

This program comes with no warranty.

                        Ing. Igor Cesko

I have a few problems:

1. #5 above says that they are "under GNU license." Does he 
mean the GNU General Public License Version 2? I can only 

2. If it is assumed that it is GNU GPL, then #5 directly 
conflicts with #3 above, about redistribution.

3. Plus, there is a licensing fee (small for sure) for 
commercial use.

I wouldn't touch that code with a 10 meter cattle prod.


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