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Re: [avr-gcc-list] radio communications

From: Geoffrey Wossum
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] radio communications
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 09:02:10 -0500
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On Wednesday 17 September 2003 04:05 am, Jack Valmadre wrote:

> I need a robot communications unit that can send data back and forward
> between two robots a maximum of 4 metres apart.  Both will probably be
> using an ATMega32, but I'm not sure at this point.  Does anyone know of any
> good radio units for this application? Thanks,

We're currently using a ChipCon CC1000 (http://www.chipcon.com) transceiver, 
up in the 900 MHz ISM band.  This chip is nice because it's low power, 
requires a few external parts, and (in theory) is pretty lenient on board 
layout.  We can't get the range we need for target applications, though, even 
with an external power amp.  It appears noise from our board is getting 
coupled into the IF section of the receiver.  But for what you describe, my 
experience says it would be fine.

We're currently evaluating a Honeywell ROC0935C.  It looks to a very nice 
part, with great range, even at high speed (> 100 kbps), without an external 
power amp.  I haven't actually gotten my boards to the point of actually 
transmitting yet (just started yesterday).  I'm not sure if this part is 
production yet.  If not, its supposed to be in production RSN.

Geoffrey Wossum
Software Engineer
Long Range Systems - http://www.pager.net

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