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[avr-gcc-list] LCD print problem

From: Gavin Jackson
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] LCD print problem
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 10:52:12 +1300

Hi all

I used to have a working LCD print function but seem to have some trouble
it after a recent build. The prototype for the function looks like this:

void _lcd_print(const char* pChar)

The list file for the module looks as follows:

 645 0000 4845 4C4C         .string "HELLO WORLD"
 645         4F20 574F 
 645         524C 4400 

 260:../lcd_char.c **** 
 261:../lcd_char.c ****     _lcd_print("HELLO WORLD");
 670                    .stabn 68,0,261,.LM79-SetupLCD2
 671                .LM79:
 672 0182 80E0              ldi r24,lo8(.LC0)
 673 0184 90E0              ldi r25,hi8(.LC0)
 674 0186 D4DF              rcall _lcd_print

Which all seems ok until you have a look at the dump from the elf file. The
words "HELLO WORLD" are not located at 0x0060 in FLASH but are found
at the end of the hex file.

    _lcd_print("HELLO WORLD");
 a2e:   80 e6           ldi r24, 0x60   ; 96
 a30:   90 e0           ldi r25, 0x00   ; 0
 a32:   d4 df           rcall   .-88        ; 0x9dc

Could someone please explain why this is occurring and where the above
address of 0x0060 comes from?



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