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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Testers needed

From: Douglas Dotson
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Testers needed
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 18:11:39 -0700 (PDT)

How portable is this to other platforms?

More comments below.


--- Richard Urwin <address@hidden> wrote:

> I have just released version 1.0.4 of Micro Autocode
> and I could do with 
> any feedback you people could give me. I've written
> one full-sized 
> project using it, but there's a limit to what one
> man can do.
> http://microautocode.sourceforge.net

I'd be happy to give a look!

> Currently it compiles code for the AVR1200, and is
> designed to work 
> under the radar of gcc, on those controllers C is
> unsuitable for.

What is an AVR1200 ?
> Do you find it interesting or crazy? Is it something
> you would consider 
> using, or wouldn't you use it even if everyone else
> was? Please let me 
> know.

I'll let you know.

> Here's the news blurb I've just posted to
> Sourceforge:
> Micro Autocode is a high-level language designed for
> use on very small
> microcontrollers yet with a pedigree reaching back
> fifty years to the 
> very first computer, making it ten years older than

Not sure that is an endorcement.

> Why not 
> write your next project in the same language your
> grandfather used?

Because both the language and my grandfater are dead.
> The limitations of very small microcontrollers:
> small or non-existent 
> RAM and very limited hardware stack, makes them
> unsuitable for running 
> code produced with all current high-level languages.

"all" is a pretty bold term.

> Micro Autocode 
> takes it's predecessor, Mercury Autocode, and brings
> it right 
> up-to-date with block structuring, multi-character
> variables and 
> labels, and variable types tailored for the target
> microcontroller.

So does C.
> With release 1.0.4, Micro Autocode is ready to use
> on the most complex 
> AVR1200 projects.

What is an AVR1200?

> Why not let it free you from
> assembler just like it 
> freed your grandfather from machine-code?

My grandfather worked in an oil refinery. Doubt if he
used machine code much :)

> And you
> don't have to use 
> paper tape, I promise.

What century are you from ;)
> Mercury Autocode: 
> Micro Autocode:
> http://microautocode.sourceforge.net/
> -- 
> Richard Urwin
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