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Re: Fw: [avr-gcc-list] placing a variable in flash

From: Ramkumar Rengaswamy
Subject: Re: Fw: [avr-gcc-list] placing a variable in flash
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 13:25:13 -0800 (PST)

   I have a related question regarding accessing data from EEPROM vs
The AVR instruction set has LPM instruction to load a word from program
Is there a similar instruction for accessing data from the EEPROM ?
Is there any difference in the latency of the read operations from the
program memory and EEPROM. I noticed in the AVR datasheet that LPM
instruction takes 3 clock cycles. Anything about EEPROM ?


On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, E. Weddington wrote:

> jeffrey traer bernstein wrote:
> > there's this:
> > http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/007134666X/qid=1101156584/sr=2-1/ref=pd_ka_b_2_1/102-6249010-0272114
> >
> > and a couple of others as well...
> >
> [I'm assuming you meant to send this to the list as well.... My reply is
> CC'ed to the list.]
> In mentioning the AVR Freaks website, there is a sticky post in the main
> forum with a list of references that people have posted:
> <http://www.avrfreaks.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=22514>
> Perhaps those will be useful as well.
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