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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Simulating x-10 controller and dealing with home auto

From: Robert Rozman
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Simulating x-10 controller and dealing with home automation network of simple nodes with AVR
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 10:30:56 +0100

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Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 1:13 AM
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Simulating x-10 controller and dealing with home automation network of simple nodes with AVR

Ah, I'm working on a home automation system as well, though I've decided to go the PC route to control the systems, as it's going to be fairly complicated. My linux-based system encorporates :

so far:

   *  X10 lights, using bidirectional PC gateway (does macros and
     stuff, $35 off ebay - rs232 interface, linux based software to
     control).  I've got all the wall outlets replaced with x10 stuff
     -- check out http://automatedoutlet.com/home.php, good prices.
   * 4x security cameras ($30/each + $100 4 port cctv capture card)
     (zoneminder backend),
   * 7" touchscreen LCD ($250, to be mounted in wall) (usb interface,
     linux drivers included with it!!)

need to add (will be atmega based device):

   * temerature and humidity (?) sensors in rooms, running via phone
     wires.  I'm thinking the dalas 1 wire bus, but not sure if they
     support a humidity sensor.
   * furnace control  (on/off for now, but will add butterfly valves to
     ducts so I can control the level of heat i want in each room.
   * need to reverse engineer the 2-wire bus my ademco alarm system
     uses so i can interface into it, view status of sensors, and
     remote arm/disarm as well as act on commands.  I've got a key-fob,
     and I want to map a keypress to "turn off all lights in 2 minutes"
     for when I'm leaving the house, etc...

software wise, big project will be

   * integration to mythtv frontend so that I can view security cameras
     when motion is detected overlayed onto the TV I'm watching, etc...
That one is not so hard if you use motion instead of zoneminder. Motion is capable of creating another virtual v4l device on its output, so mythtv can see it as just another device that can be displayed with PIP feature. Did that on mythtv 0.15 and it was working (cam video was like hickup - but I guess this is corrected now )...

I have used similar componentes in my system, but I'm now putting a lot of efforts into Pluto system (www.plutohome.com). I guess this is "umbrella" project for all advanced open source tehcnologies in field of home environment, with great GUI capabilities. Take a look ...

I also tried Zoneminder, it has great web interface, easy to configure, but detection engine is worse that motion (motion.sf.net).



   * frontend for LCD touchscreen to navigate climate control /
     lighting / music / security cameras p


Robert Rozman wrote:


after quite some time I'm coming back to developing avrgcc applications for
Atmel Mega 103 and next step mega128can.

I've designed prototype of custom home automation system (based on Canbus devices and rs232 Gateway).

On top of home automation network there is main controller (based on small
microcontroller) with rs-232 interface that can be connected to PC. Now I
have several dillemas and would kindly ask for quick answers:

- what free rtos could be best at the moment for developing applications ?
Is AvrX the best solution ?

- I'd need to implement some sort of home automation state machine, that
would implement event based commands and also main loop that would be
checked in regular time intervals whether there are any timed commands to be
released. Any idea, similar code, pointer to more info ?

- how to interface outside world to gain as much user freindliness for
configuration and control at low cost (preferably no cost) :
Main idea is to mimic some X10 two way controllers (to act exactly os one of them) - but they have ability to implement also time or event based macros. What engine could be used to implement this ? Is there any project on simulating x-10 controller with AVR ?

- I'd like to have dynamic specification of all devices present in home
automation system - where each type of device has its own functions and data

- I'd like to have some sort of dynamic descriptive data structure that
could be parsed few times a second for timed events to occur (operating
devices at some certain time) and also event driven parser that could
trigger actions according to event and also some other conditions (time,
state of devices, ...) that happend.

I'd like to have above in flexible way to be able to easily reconfigure
system from PC or any other client with some simple set of commands...

Any pointer, example code, more info ?

Thanks in advance,



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