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RE: [avr-gcc-list] Equivalent of WinAVR 20050214 on Linux

From: Matt.VanDeWerken
Subject: RE: [avr-gcc-list] Equivalent of WinAVR 20050214 on Linux
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 07:57:05 +1000

Hi Anton:

A possibility is to create a sourceforge project for the scripts; the
beauty of that method is that sourceforge can also host the exact source
images for all the tools. 

Another possibility is that I may be able to host them on my web server,
however it's not yet online and will probably not be for another 2 weeks
or so.

At any rate, I would appreciate it if you'd email them directly to me at
this address.

Matthew van de Werken - Electronics Engineer
CSIRO E&M - Mining Geoscience - 1 Technology Court - Pullenvale - 4069
p: (07) 3327 4142 * f: (07) 3327 4455 * e: address@hidden
"Pressure, I'll tell you what pressure is. Pressure is a Messerschmitt 
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- Cricketer and WWII Fighter Pilot Keith Miller (1919-2004)

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Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Equivalent of WinAVR 20050214 on Linux


I have generated a set of scripts that builds basically the equivalent
of WinAVR on Linux. I used the buildavr script of Rod Moffit as a bases
for these scripts. The scripts apply the exact same patches as Eric
Weddington applied when building 

The scripts are :
buildavarice.sh  (Build avrice-2.3)
buildavr.sh      (Build gcc 3.4.3 with same patches as WinAVR)
buildavrdude.sh  (Build avrdude 4.4.0cvs)
buildsimulavr.sh (Build simulavr-
buildsrecord.sh  (Build srecord 1.21)
builduisp.sh     (Build uisp20050207)

I have tested them under Red Hat 9 and Fedora Core 3.

Unfortunately I do not have web space where I can put them, so if anyone
is interested I would have to email them.

   Anton Erasmus
A J Erasmus

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