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[avr-gcc-list] OpenAVR domains

From: Theodore A. Roth
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] OpenAVR domains
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 12:48:52 -0800 (PST)


I don't have the time, motivation or energy to do anything useful with
the openavr.com, openavr.org and openavr.net domain names. So, I'd like
to give them back to the community.

If you are interested in taking over ownership of one or all of the
domains, please reply to the avr-chat list and CC me (I'm not
subscribed) with what you would want to do with the domain(s). I have
tried to provide a service to the community (whether that was successful
is rather questionable) and would really like the domains to continue in
that regard. I would like to see the community decide what should be
done with the domains.

Please keep the discussion (if there is one) _public_ on the avr-chat
list. I will ignore any private emails sent only to me.

If there is no interest, I will just drop them eventually and they will
most likely end up in some squatters hands and be of no value to the
community. That would be sad.


Ted Roth
PGP Key ID: 0x18F846E9

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