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RE: [avr-gcc-list] Mega329

From: Ron
Subject: RE: [avr-gcc-list] Mega329
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 22:07:00 +1000

> > I want to replace the Mega169 currently in use in a product 
> with the 
> > Mega329. Atmel had said (through their Australian agents) that the 
> > '329 is a direct replacement. After plugging one in I found the pin 
> > change interrupt I use on PE2 was not working. After much 
> searching I 
> > found a small note on page 47 of the '329 manual saying the 
> PCINT2 was 
> > not implemented on the '329.
> That seems to be correct. According to my copy of the 
> datasheet, PCINT2 
> is only implemented on the 3290 and 6490.
> > This was duly reported to Atmel that it really
> > was not a plug-in replacement for the '169. Their reply was 
> I should 
> > specify the '329 to the compiler (rather than the '169), 
> and give them 
> > a call when I had tried this.
> ?
> Who at Atmel told you that?

I am a third party here where my customer makes a range of instruments
that use the '169 and they now want to change to the '329. Atmel's agent
in Oz (Unique Technology Components Pty Ltd) told them the '329 was a
direct replacement so they bought a box full. I soon found the PCINT2
anomaly and there may be more as Björn has said. When Unique passed this
back to Atmel they were told that yes, it really was a direct
replacement and that all would be well when we recompiled with the '329
header. I am aware the header will not restore the PCINT2 hardware (that
would be some nice magic), but asked here if one was available so we
could go back to Atmel and say, hey, it still fails! I have asked my
customer to try and get a contact at Atmel. I'll drop a note to the list
with the results.


> Adding support for the 329 is listed in the Task Manager of 
> avr-libc: 
AFAIK, no work has been done to add support yet.


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