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FW: [avr-gcc-list] Need Low cost AVR _ ISP programmer

From: Larry Barello
Subject: FW: [avr-gcc-list] Need Low cost AVR _ ISP programmer
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 06:34:10 -0700

How about a zero cost parallel port programmer?  For example, the BASCOM
SAMPLE programmer ('bascom' in Avrdude) can be little more than a cut up
line printer cable.  You can dig the schematic out of the bascom help, or,
look at the schematic on the last page of:


This adapter is also known as the dt006 (www.dontronics.com) and you might
find the schematic there as well.

If you are running Win/XP make sure you install the register "fix" attached
to this letter.  It turns off some obscure parallel port polling that can
interfere with LPT programmers.  Just delete the ".txt" and click on it.
You can look at the contents (plain text) if you want to see what it does.

-----Original Message-----
From: rohith ml


I started my project with AVR controller and i was
using STK-500 as a programmer and inbetween the
project i lost the board so i am half the way through
project so any one could suggest any low cost circuit
with which i can program my target board ...similar to
AVR _ISP...i tried with some circuts published in the
Net but it is not working ..if any one knows the
circuit diagram then please kindly send me the
complete details regarding the programmer.

Thanks and regards

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