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Re: [avr-gcc-list] output current for ATMega128 on output pins

From: Galen Seitz
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] output current for ATMega128 on output pins
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 12:28:23 -0700

Torsten Mohr <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi,
> i just browsed the data sheet but could not find in the "electrical
> characteristics" how much current i can output on a port.
> I'd like to drive some LEDs.
> I wonder, but this value should be in the data sheet, i must have
> missed it.

The spec you are looking for is VOL, or Output Low Voltage.  This shows
maximum output low voltage while sinking the given current.  For a 3.3V
supply the mega128 can sink 10 mA while the voltage at the pin is 0.5V
or less.  This is on page 321.  Be sure to read the footnotes too.  They
spell out some restrictions on the total current allowed.


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