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Re: AW: [avr-gcc-list] double precision bit representation

From: Kitts
Subject: Re: AW: [avr-gcc-list] double precision bit representation
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 22:53:49 +0530
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Thanks Stumpf and Bjarne. Both of those pages are very helpful. It has made 
me more cautious about endianess!

Within my projects, i was going to implement a binary mode serial 
communication between dissimilar platforms. I will need to be careful with 
which byte i put/get out of the port first. I'll ensure a "Most Significant 
Bit/Byte first". :-)

Thanks again.

On Thursday 07 Jul 2005 8:09 pm IST, Stumpf Michael wrote:
SM> see http://babbage.cs.qc.edu/courses/cs341/IEEE-754hex32.html
SM> :-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
SM> :Von: address@hidden
SM> :[mailto:address@hidden
SM> :nu.org]Im
SM> :Auftrag von Bjarne Laursen
SM> :Gesendet: Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2005 10:52
SM> :Cc: address@hidden
SM> :Betreff: Re: [avr-gcc-list] double precision bit representation
SM> :
SM> :
SM> :
SM> :>Ram Address:      $0B6F   $0B70   $0B71   $0B72
SM> :>Value:            00              50              91      
SM> :   3F
SM> :>  
SM> :>
SM> :I think this page is help full:
SM> :http://www.psc.edu/general/software/packages/ieee/ieee.html
SM> :
SM> :I get it to 1.13525390625
SM> :
SM> :-Bjarne Laursen, RoseTechnology A/S
SM> :
SM> :
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