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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Re: AVRDude Settings not recognizing AVRISP?

From: Daniel Mayo
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Re: AVRDude Settings not recognizing AVRISP?
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 09:18:15 -0500
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Matthias Weißer wrote:

Daniel Mayo schrieb:


I am receiving this error from within PN when I try to program via my AVRISP that is connected on COM5, which is connected to my PC, powered, and can be found with AVR Studio. Thoughts?

I expect you have the current version of AVRStudio. This version updates your AVRisp to the new v2 protocoll. AVRdude can handle this from version 5.0.0 on. WINAVR delivers AVRdude 4.4.0 at the moment.

Thanks.. Unfortunetly I didn't see the binary for the newer version of AVRDude on the GNU site <http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/avrdude> and didn't have the patience to try to figure out how to compile it. :-(

However, I did find one here <http://www.siwawi.arubi.uni-kl.de/avr_projects/index.html#avrdudew32> that seems to work great!



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