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[avr-gcc-list] Announce: Avrora Beta 1.6.0 Released

From: Ben L. Titzer
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Announce: Avrora Beta 1.6.0 Released
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 15:21:53 -0700

The UCLA Compilers group has just completed more than seven months of work improving and extending the Avrora AVR and Mica2 sensor network simulator. We've improved nearly every aspect of simulation, added more instrumentation capabilities, more hardware support, and better performance. Avrora is available for download on our site at:


Source and binary distributions are now available. Some of the new features in this release are:

- Support for the ATMega16 and ATMega32 microcontrollers
- An interactive GUI for viewing the results of simulation
- An automatically generated disassembler
- Support for in-system reprogramming as used in Deluge and SOS
- MICA2: Support for the light sensor and replaying sensor data
- MICA2: The external 512kb flash
- Serial monitor for connecting the simulated serial port to a socket

Many improved features include:

- More instrumentation points, including IO registers, memory, interrupts, and finite state machines
- Improved monitors, including for interrupts, calls, IO register updates, and sensor network packets
- Slight performance improvements for most applications
- Improved, more extensible Java API
- More extensive built-in help system and online documentation
- Fixed several important bugs reported by users
- Improved and simplified radio functionality
- More extensive automated test cases

If you are currently using Avrora, you should upgrade immediately. The new release offers across-the-board improvements to all major subsystems. If you are doing development in Avrora, there will soon be a tag put into CVS for the Beta 1.6.0 branch and development will be moved to the 1.7.x series.

In 1.7.x we will be working on:

- Support for the micaZ platform
- Porting to MSP430 and Tmote Sky
- Reorganized codebase and improved testing utilities
- Extensive GUI support

Thanks to our user community for so many helpful suggestions!

-Ben Titzer


Before we work on artificial intelligence, why don't we do something about natural stupidity?

--Steve Polyak

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