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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Small program for UART not working

From: Gary Bi
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Small program for UART not working
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 16:47:41 -0700 (PDT)

Hi David,

Thanks for the info. I downloaded Tera Term Pro and
installed it in my PC, it's a defenitely a better
terminal simulation. Unfortunately I got the same

My problem are:

1. Atmel128L has successfully sent out characters in
TX, but I can not receive it correctly in PC termimal.
When monitoring the TX pin in scope, I can see char
'B' has been sent out continuouly. 
/* UART Transmit Complete Interrupt Function */
When I short TX and RX pin together in Atmel STK
board, I can see the 'B' was displayed correctly
(demonstrated using LEDs, PIN7-0 is for Bit7-0).
/* UART Receive Complete Interrupt Function */
RxChar = inp(UDR0);
outp(RxChar, PORTB);
What I receivd in TTP teminal is 0xA2 instead of
character 'B' (0x42).

2. I did not set baud rate in the codes for Atmel, in
TTP, I will need to set the baud rate to 57600, 8-N-1
to get the RX working, so if I type 'C', I can see the
LEDs is demonstrated 'C' correctly. If the set the
baud rate to 9600, 115200, etc. I can not get the Rx
working. This is very strange.
So I have to comment out the two lines for baud:
    //outp(0x0, UBRR0H);
    //outp( (u08)UART_BAUD_SELECT, UBRR0L);

The MCU is running at 7.3728Mhz, I set the baud
parameter to 0x2F according to the datasheet.
#define UART_BAUD_SELECT 0x2F //9600 baud

There's typo in my previous email, what I want to say
is: I can see the character 'B' is sending out, I just
did not receive it correctly in PC.

3. Do you think it's possible it's related to a defect
MCU (ATMEGA128L)? I'm trying to buy a new MCU(order
ATMEGA128-16AI (16Mhz), but not sure if it will work
with 7.3728MHz crystal on STK or not.


#include <avr/io.h>
#include <avr/interrupt.h>
#include <avr/signal.h>
#include <avr/pgmspace.h>

#define outp(a,b) b=a
#define inp(a) a
typedef unsigned char  u08;
typedef unsigned short u16;
#define UART_BAUD_SELECT 0x2F //9600 baud

#define PRG_RDB( addr )   __LPM((unsigned
#define BV(bit) (1 << (bit))

/* UART global variables */

volatile u08   RxChar;
volatile int i = 0;

/* UART Transmit Complete Interrupt Function */

/* UART Receive Complete Interrupt Function */
    RxChar = inp(UDR0);
        outp(RxChar, PORTB);

void UART_Init(void)
    /* enable RxD/TxD and interrupts */

    /* set baud rate */
    //outp(0x0, UBRR0H);
    //outp( (u08)UART_BAUD_SELECT, UBRR0L);

        // Async. mode, 8N1
       UCSR0C =
    /* enable interrupts */

int main(void)
        outp(0xff, DDRB); //port B output
//      for(;;){
//      }
        return 0;

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