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[avr-gcc-list] ordering of EEPROM variables

From: Wolfgang Wegner
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] ordering of EEPROM variables
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 16:46:11 +0100

Hello list,

I am porting a project from IAR to gcc because the latest IAR version 
broke it anyways, and am having some problems with my EEPROM 

The declaration is as follows:

#ifdef __GNU__
#define PREFIX
#define EEVAR(vdecl, ...) vdecl __attribute__ ((section (".eeprom"))) 
#define PREFIX __root
#define EEVAR(vdecl, ...) __root __eeprom vdecl __VA_ARGS__
#define PREFIX extern
#ifdef __GNU__
#define EEVAR(vdecl, ...) extern vdecl __attribute__ ((section 
#define EEVAR(vdecl, ...) extern __root __eeprom vdecl


EEVAR( unsigned char EE_PID_ALaenge, = 0x09);
EEVAR( unsigned char EE_PID_A[], = { 0x00,0x01, 0x00,0x10, 0x09,0x98, 
0x09,0x99,0x10,0x00, 0x10,0x01, 0x15,0x00, 0x15,0x01,0x0C,0x92 });
EEVAR( unsigned char eFILL_3[MAX_NUMBER_OF_PID_FILTERS * 2 - 18], );

Sorry for the "unreadable" defines, I wanted to leave in the part for 
IAR because this is known to work. The macro EEVAR is needed because 
I want to share the declaration between all files where these are 
referenced, and of course only one file can actually implement the 

The problem is that the variables are sorted "top-down" by gcc (or 
the linker), so my placeholders do not work. I can of course manually 
fill these, but I think there has to be a better way.

Sorry in case this is an FAQ (I think it has to be?!), but I did not 
find any comments to this, and also did not find anything in the 
linker script that could explain it.

Any hints on what I am doing wrong or how to solve it are greatly 
appreciated! :-)

Thank you,

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