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Re: [avr-gcc-list] malloc-less i/o: small comparison

From: Dmitry K.
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] malloc-less i/o: small comparison
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 09:03:26 +1100
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On Wednesday 07 September 2005 03:55, Joerg Wunsch wrote:
> Oh, you did that work independently from the currently running
> discussion about stdio improvements that will be in avr-libc 1.4?
> Too bad, I've already get everything ready to commit right now.

I have executed this experiment, after the beginning of this
discussion. (Excuse, I was mistaken in a set of the addressee,
the letter intended for 'avr-libc-dev'.)

Idea very-very simple:

File 'stdout.c':
   #include <stdio.h>
   #include "stdio_private.h"
   struct __file  stdout [1] = {
       { .flags = __SWR, .put = _putchar }
links, as in the program there is a reference to 'stdout', like:
   fputs ("abcde", stdout);

The fully worked user program is:
   #include <stdio.h>
   int _putchar (char c)
   int main ()
      fputs ("abcde", stdout);
      return 0;
'Opening' of stdout is not needed (like common C).

'stdio.h' changes are:
   extern FILE stdout[];
   extern int _putchar (char);

Stdin correction is analogous.


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