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RE: [avr-gcc-list] template library for c++

From: Ron
Subject: RE: [avr-gcc-list] template library for c++
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2005 12:46:35 +1000

> I started to work on a c++ template library for (avr) 
> microcontrollers, which should extend the c++ low level 
> support for microcontroller environments. The ATmega16 is the 
> only supported mcu at the moment. I post on this newsgroup, 
> because the templating and inlining mechanism of this library 
> heavily depends on the optimization process of the c++ compiler.

> I would appreciate any feedback to my approach.
> Regards,
> Nils

Sorry for the delay Nils. The IO parts I have tested all work well.
However I am not convinced that templates are all that useful for IO.
Consider the following (partial) base class:

    namespace io
    class IOClass
        IOClass(void) { 
            m_Pin = NULL; m_Ddr = NULL; m_Port = NULL; }
        void Setup(const uint16 address, const uint8 ddr, const uint8
state) {
            m_Pin = (uint8*)address; m_Ddr = m_Pin + 1; m_Port = m_Pin +
            *m_Ddr = ddr; *m_Port = state; }
        void SetDirection(const uint8 dir) { 
            *m_Ddr = dir; }
        void SetBit(const uint8 bitNumber) { 
            *m_Port |= _BV(bitNumber); }
        void ClrBit(const uint8 bitNumber) { 
            *m_Port &= ~_BV(bitNumber); }
        bool IsBitSet(const uint8 bitNumber) const { 
            return (GetBit(bitNumber) == _BV(bitNumber)); } 
        uint8 GetBit(const uint8 bitNumber) const { 
            return *m_Pin & _BV(bitNumber); }
        uint8* m_Pin; uint8* m_Ddr; uint8* m_Port;
    } // namespace

A standard AVR port can be derived from this like:

    #include "IOClass.h"
    namespace io
    class PortA : public IOClass
        PortA(const uint8 ddr, const uint8 state) {
            Setup((uint16)&PINA, ddr, state); }
    } // namespace    

An instance can be instantiated like:

    io::PortA porta(0xff, 0x55);

And used:

    flag = porta.IsBitSet(6);

The implementation has about the same cost and, in particular, uses the
existing WinAVR port definitions. Would you like to comment on the
advantages of using templates over this method?


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