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[avr-gcc-list] inline ASM newbie problem

From: Marco Randazzo
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] inline ASM newbie problem
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 08:25:14 +0200

Hi, I'm new to asm inline programming.
I would like to pass a simple input value to an asm routine but compiler says "error: impossible constraint in `asm'" and I can't understand what I've to do. Here is my code:
  uint8_t servo_prot_offset;
  asm volatile (
   "PUSH    R18" "\n\t"
   "PUSH    R24" "\n\t"
   "PUSH    R25" "\n\t"
   "        LDI     R24,0x00" "\n\t"
   "        LDI     R25,0x00" "\n\t"
   "l1   :  ADIW    R24,0x01" "\n\t"
   "        LDI     R18,0x06" "\n\t" 
   "        CPI     R24,%0  " "\n\t"  <--- HERE I WANT COMPARE R24 WITH THE VALUE OF servo_prot_offset
   "        CPC     R25,R18 " "\n\t"
   "        BRCS    l1"       "\n\t"
   "POP     R25" "\n\t"
   "POP     R24" "\n\t"
   "POP     R18" "\n\t"
   : //output operands
   : "M" (servo_prot_offset) //input operands
Thanks in advance,
Marco Randazzo

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