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[avr-gcc-list] Newbie, downloadable access to list archive

From: Mark J Elkins
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Newbie, downloadable access to list archive
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 20:54:09 +0200

I recently joined this list.

I have a project which is for a Scuba video camera housing... ie a
Waterproof housing for a Video Camera - which when buttons are pushed
(magnets passing close to reed switches) - performs various things like
switching (or flashing) some LED's, and sending LANC commands (and
receiving status conditions - ie Record is ON) to the attached video

The project was on older C51 processors - and using the Kiel C51
compiler - all done under DOS. The code was all busy loops polling

The CPU is now an ATmega8 device. It needs a complete rewrite -
interrupt driven - etc.

I prefer to work with Linux (Gentoo) and have emerged various AVR stuff.
(Discovered "crossdev" and ran "crossdev --target avr")

Where can I find the (idiots) guide to setting up a development
environment to do this type of thing? 

I'd like to get a full copy of the AVR-GCC list (ftp it from somewhere)
so I can read the whole thing before annoying people with my dumb
questions - and are there any other related lists people would

Also looking for recommendations on a programmer (Parallel or Serial)
download cable that I can (simply) make myself - and with software. So
far the AvrDude project looks good.

I'm also looking for code examples on using the ATmega8 in an interrupt
fashion (seen some things) and First Prize would be any interrupt based
routines that are available for working with the Sony LANC system
(basically a single wire serial device for both reading and writing
running somewhere at 7200 or 9600 baud).

I've been programming in C on and off since 1980 - but not normally for
these types of devices.

[Dream mode on]
One day - I'm hoping to add some (scuba) Dive Computer functionality and
some how display Time, Depth - etc.... There is an LCD display at the
rear of the housing that plugs into the Video outlet - so one can see
what is being filmed - be lovely to also overlay the display with Diving


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