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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Is there a recommended way of dealing with updates &

From: Don Ingram
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Is there a recommended way of dealing with updates & different versions of avr-libc in WinAVR - Sorted
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 09:22:25 +1000
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Thanks to Joerg for getting Bingo to re-post this on the sticky list at avrfreaks.com. Freaks is down at present so I can't reference the original link.

I re-posted it here so that it turns up in a search if someone else is stuck
( another GNUuubie like me ;-). Surprising just how much time little things can waste when getting up to speed on the system. Also probably surprising how inane some of the questions probably appear to the seasoned hands...

> Hi All,
> Is there a recommended way of dealing with updates & different versions of
> avr-libc in WinAVR?
> If there is a defined / simple "best technique" & if so could it be included 
> a prominent position in the related documentation or FAQ.

According to Bingo at avrfreaks.com ...

1 : Backup/Copy your <WinAVR>/avr directory to a safe place ,
    or at least the "lib and include" directories within the <WinAVR>/avr
    directory as they are going to be overwritten (deleted) following this

2:  Unzip the avr-libc-bin-1.2.6.zip somewhere , it will make an
    avr-libc-bin-1.2.6 directory that contains three directories named bin,lib
    and include. The lib and include contains the new avr-libc (in lib) ,
    and the corresponding header files (in include) , in bin is some kind of

3:  MAKE sure you did step 1 !!!!!!!

4:  In the <WinAVR>/avr directory , delete or move the two directories named lib
    and include , so you will end up with just a bin directory.
    You still need the bin directory , as that is where the avr tools and the
    compiler is located.

5:  Now copy the three directories from step 2 , into the <WinAVR>/avr
    directory so you now have 3 directories within <WinAVR>/avr. You should have
    bin , include and lib in there.

6:  Copy the ldscripts directory located in your Backup/Copy" avr/lib directory,
    to the new 1.2.6 avr/lib directory the ldscripts dir gets installed with
    binutils , and is not a part of avr-libc , but is needed by the linker.

7:  You are now done , installing the new avr-libc

8:  You are urged to get the avr-libc documentation and read it.
    Get it from the link in the top.

9:  If you want to get back to the original avr-libc , then do step 4 , and
    restore the files mentioned in step 1 ,into the <WinAVR>/avr directory

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