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[avr-gcc-list] Problems linking .data/.bss to external memory

From: Dipl. Ing. Thomas Buchta
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Problems linking .data/.bss to external memory
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 14:36:24 +0100

I have a inscrutable problem with avr-gcc linker and an atmega128 device with 32k external RAM.
Using avr-toolchain

    (patch for gcc an binutils from http://www.kieltech.de/~ufechner/patch-2005-05.zip)

within an linux environment causes a problem with linking .bss and .data section to external ram space.

Setting the Linker Options
does not achieve the desired output.

avr-nm -n -S appl.elf shows that strange behaviour

    00800100 00000010 D TBU_tester
    00800100 D __data_start
    00800110 00000040 D selected_shuffler_LED_table
    00800229 0000006c D aCommandTypes
    0080029c 00000002 D __malloc_heap_end
    0080029e 00000002 D __malloc_heap_start
    008002a0 00000002 D __malloc_margin
    008002a2 B __bss_start
    008002a2 D __data_end
    008002a2 D _edata
    008002a2 00000001 b j.0
    008002a3 00000001 B fatalErrorStateRemember
    008002a4 00000001 B checksum_transfer_global
    008002a5 00000021 B timer0
    008002c6 00000017 B rx0Data
    008002dd 00000002 B ptrKeyboard_global
    008002df 00000001 B MonitorApplicationON
    0080046a 00000008 B StepCounter
    00800472 00000008 B oldShifterValue
    0080047a 00000008 B interpolCountABS
    00800482 00000008 B EventCounter
    0080048a 00000008 B oldRMSLevel_dB
    00800492 00000002 B __brkval
    00800494 00000002 B __flp
    00800496 B __bss_end
    00800496 ? __heap_start
    00800496 ? _end
    00807fff A __heap_end
    00810000 ? __eeprom_end

You can see, that .bss and .data section remains in internal RAM

But compiling the application with the latest winAVR Release 20050214 does this linking job correct:
    00801100 00000010 D TBU_tester
    00801100 D __data_start
    00801110 00000040 D selected_shuffler_LED_table
    00801229 0000006c D aCommandTypes
    0080129c 00000002 D __malloc_heap_end
    0080129e 00000002 D __malloc_heap_start
    008012a0 00000002 D __malloc_margin
    008012a2 B __bss_start
    008012a2 D __data_end
    008012a2 D _edata
    008012a2 00000001 b j.0
    008012a3 00000001 B fatalErrorStateRemember
    008012a4 00000001 B checksum_transfer_global
    008012a5 00000021 B timer0
    008012c6 00000017 B rx0Data
    008012dd 00000002 B ptrKeyboard_global
    008012df 00000001 B MonitorApplicationON
    0080146a 00000008 B StepCounter
    00801472 00000008 B oldShifterValue
    0080147a 00000008 B interpolCountABS
    00801482 00000008 B EventCounter
    0080148a 00000008 B oldRMSLevel_dB
    00801492 00000002 B __brkval
    00801494 00000002 B __flp
    00801496 B __bss_end
    00801496 ? __heap_start
    00801496 ? _end
    00807fff A __heap_end
    00810000 ? __eeprom_end

What is going wrong. I've tried it with different linker option variations descriped within
but no linker option bring's me the expected result, except
which sets the heap to external RAM

Are there importand binutils and gcc paches available solving this kind of problem?


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