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RE: [avr-gcc-list] Missing compiler optimizations?

From: Nigel Winterbottom
Subject: RE: [avr-gcc-list] Missing compiler optimizations?
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 14:53:42 +0100 (CET)

Hi Erik,
> Right off the bat the compiler is making use of mostly low registers,
> as well as Y (r29:r28), all of which have to be saved.
> Why isn't it using the high registers that are caller-saved
> (r18-r27, r30-r31) instead, and saving more than a third of
> the code size and half the cycle count just in the push/pops?

Watch out. Registers (r18-r27, r30-r31) ARE trashable by any function.
Because you call "bootloader_eeprom_read_byte", that too is allowed to
trash these registers. You cannot use (r18-r27, r30-r31) for variables
which "live" across a function call, unless of course you "push/pop" around
that function call.

avr-gcc seems to prefer using the non-clobbered (lower) registers which is
what you  have seen in your example.

> Because the compiler stores things in low registers, it has to use 
> subi+subc of 0xffff just to increment the pointer by one.
> adiw works if you use the top 4 pairs of registers, 3 of which are
> conveniently caller-saved.

Incorrect. Only Y (r28/r29) is saved.

> In other cases I've seen all kinds of relatively common idioms get 
> translated very poorly.  A classic one is constructing a word 
> from two bytes, which in my case happens as TWI interrupts feed them 
> to me one at a time:
>    w = b | (c<<8);
>    68:   99 27           eor     r25, r25
>    6a:   33 27           eor     r19, r19
>    6c:   32 2f           mov     r19, r18
>    6e:   22 27           eor     r18, r18
>    70:   82 2b           or      r24, r18
>    72:   93 2b           or      r25, r19

Try this macro:

#define HILOTO16(hi, lo) ({ \
unsigned int __result; \
__asm__ ( " mov %B0,%1 \n" : "=r" (__result) : "r" (hi), "0" (lo) ); \
__result; })

e.g.  w = HILOTO16(c, b);

This gives optimal code and should cause a different compiler to complain, 
thereby highlighting the non portability.


Nigel Winterbottom

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