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Re: [avr-gcc-list] [ANN] WinAVR 20060125 Released

From: Eric Weddington
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] [ANN] WinAVR 20060125 Released
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 11:56:57 -0700
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Royce Pereira wrote:
On Thu, 26 Jan 2006 04:39:26 +0530, Eric Weddington <address@hidden> wrote:

Ok, let's see if anything is broken on this one. Please let me know ASAP
if you see anything wrong. Or if anything looks right for that matter.

in the last WinAVR, I used to get a summary of memory usage at the end of the compilation.
The new 2006 version does not do this.

Is there a way to get this back?

Yes, and my apologies for not explaining it properly in the user manual.

Before, this report was generated by a call to a shell script. This shell script was called from within the WinAVR Makefile Template. This shell script would get data from the avr-size utility and massage it into the correct format.

Now, this functionality has been rolled into the avr-size utility itself. The WinAVR Makefile Template (and the template within MFile) has been changed to call avr-size with new command-line parameters to product the exact same report.

There is a macro within the WinAVR Makefile Template called ELFSIZE. This macro has now been changed to this:

ELFSIZE = $(SIZE) --format=avr --mcu=$(MCU) $(TARGET).elf

Note that $(SIZE) is the avr-size.exe program. The new command line parameters are: --format=avr, which produces the new memory usage format that is only specific to the AVR; and --mcu=$(MCU) which tells avr-size which device is being used and this helps avr-size to generate a percentage of memory that is being used based on the memory sizes associated with each device. Again, --mcu= is also only specific to the AVR.

So, you can change your Makefile to have that line above, or one can also use the avr-size program on the command line too, with the above command line parameters. Also, you can type "avr-size --help" on the command line to get a usage printed out that contains the new parameters as well.

One caveat, if you are using external RAM memory, your reported data usage can exceed 100% as it only relates to the amount of internal RAM usage.

Please let me know if there are any bugs with this new functionality.

Eric Weddington

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