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[avr-gcc-list] Debugging mixed C/Assembly project in AVRStudio 4.12

From: Björn Haase
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Debugging mixed C/Assembly project in AVRStudio 4.12
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 13:30:42 +0100
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The thread you have been reading is *really old*. A lot has been happening in 
the past 2 years so that the old thread is no longer up to date.

The story is the following:

gcc can generate several types of debugging information, including the rather 
old "stabs" format and the new "dwarf2" format.
avr-gas (to my best knowledge) is presently not able to generate useful dwarf2 
debugging information but could generate stabs debugging info.
By default gcc generates .elf object files. The new versions of avrstudio can 
directly read .elf object files and know to work with "dwarf2" debugging 
information. When working with .elf object files, avrstudio can (IIRC) not 
work with stabs type debugging info.
The old versions of avrstudio were not able to read the .elf format that 
produces directly. The old versions worked with a modified .cof object 
format. When dealing with .cof object files, avrstudio knows how to work with 
stabs debug info.
Joerg Wunsch wrote a command converter that was able to convert .elf files 
into atmel-style .cof files, including .elf files with "stabs" debugging 

To my best knowledge, there is presently no way to realize assembly debugging 
with .elf files and "dwarf2" debugging info. What you could try to do is:

1.) try to reactivate Joergs old patch for .elf -> .cof conversion some way.
2.) Generate .stabs debugging info for both, gas and gcc output.
3.) Try to import the .cof file in the new version of avrstudio.

When using this procedure the old thread is still correct.



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