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Re: [avr-gcc-list] big string into the ROM

From: drvdrv
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] big string into the ROM
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 07:57:48 +0200 (CEST)

> Have you tried "info ld"?  Look at the part on linker 
scripts and "Input
> Sections".
> "If you use a file name without a list of sections, then 
all sections
> in the input file will be included in the output section."
> (Untested), this might work:
> {
>   /* Read-only sections, merged into text segment: */
> ...
>   .text :
>   {
>     *(.vectors)
>      __ctors_start = . ;
> ...
>     *(.fini0)  /* Infinite loop after program termination. 
>      mytext.o  /* <- Here is your file! */
>      _etext = . ;
>   }  > text
> Keith

I tried it but it I got error:

Build started 10.4.2006 at 19:36:33
avr-gcc  -mmcu=atmega128 -Wall -gdwarf-2  -Os -fsigned-char -Wp,-M,-
MP,-MT,s6b1713.o,-MF,dep/s6b1713.o.d  -c  ../s6b1713.c
avr-gcc  -mmcu=atmega128 -Wall -gdwarf-2  -Os -fsigned-char -Wp,-M,-
MP,-MT,menu.o,-MF,dep/menu.o.d  -c  ../menu.c
avr-gcc  -mmcu=atmega128 -Wall -gdwarf-2  -Os -fsigned-char -Wp,-M,-
MP,-MT,pgmmem.o,-MF,dep/pgmmem.o.d  -c  ../pgmmem.c
avr-gcc  -mmcu=atmega128 -Wall -gdwarf-2  -Os -fsigned-char -Wp,-M,-
MP,-MT,main.o,-MF,dep/main.o.d  -c  ../main.c
avr-gcc linker.txt -mmcu=atmega128 text.o s6b1713.o menu.o pgmmem.
o main.o    -o abc.elf 
warning: redeclaration of memory region 'text'
warning: redeclaration of memory region 'data'
warning: redeclaration of memory region 'eeprom'
E:\WinAVR\bin\..\lib\gcc\avr\3.4.3\..\..\..\..\avr\bin\ld.exe: region text is 
full (abc.elf section .text)
make: *** [abc.elf] Error 1

I don't understand because the text.o is not so big to fill the whole ROM.


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