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[avr-gcc-list] Another missed optimization

From: Wouter van Gulik
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] Another missed optimization
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 16:20:44 +0200
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Hi list,

Ok I'll admit this one is rare, but a really annonying one. Since my application is all in one file I try to optimise the code (and especially my ISR's) by making heavily used variables reside in lower part registers. This reduces size a whole lot and speeds up a good bit. I know that instructions are restricted to handling r16..r31 only. But this example should not suffer from this.

Why is 0xA load again in r24?
Strange enough gcc does optimise the extra ldi when r is not a explicit register.

So it seems that the logic for writing register 15 and below is non optimal? I've seen misses when doing adding as well (I've not tried to reproduce it yet, will give it another try later)

I used winavr-20070525 (GCC4.1.2) and the following compile options

avr-gcc -S -Os -mmcu=atmega644 test.c

Ok this is the c snippet:

////////////////////////// C ////////////////////////////////////
register unsigned char r asm("r2"); //use only r2..r15
volatile unsigned char dummy; //give the optimizer something to keep
int main(void) {
    unsigned char localDummy = dummy;
    if(localDummy == 0xA) {
        r = localDummy;

////////////////////////// ASM ////////////////////////////////////
The ASM output:

/* prologue: frame size=0 */
/* prologue end (size=0) */
        lds r24,dummy                   <-- load to localDummy
        cpi r24,lo8(10)                 <-- compare against 0xA      
        brne .L5                        <-- branch
        ldi r24,lo8(10)                 <-- WHY??? it's there allready!
        mov r2,r24                      <-- mov
/* epilogue: frame size=0 */

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